Lightning News

Incomplete list of stories where Zeus has punished the Christian churches with his wrath.

  1. Lightning Strike Hits Pittsburgh-Area Catholic School 4-Aug-08
  2. Lightning bolt jolts old Lynn church, sparks steeple blaze 4-Aug-08 A bolt of lightning struck a church steeple yesterday, sparking a ferocious three-alarm blaze that ravaged a historic Lynn church.
  3. Blaze destroys church 3-Aug-08 Lightning may have started fire at historic Hampden structure…
  4. Church steeple damaged by lightning 31-Jul-08 Bogue Chitto Baptist Church leaders are assessing damage after lightning struck the church's steeple during a Tuesday afternoon storm.
  5. Lightning strikes Salem church steeple 23-Jul-08 The lighting that came along with the early batch of storms also left a Salem County church without its steeple.
  6. Church Fire Rekindles -- 100-Year-Old Building Destroyed 21-Jul-08 Firefighters battle a fire that rekindled Friday night at the Sheffield Federated Church. The initial fire earlier that day ignited with a lightning strike.
  7. Lightning hits church near Camden 14-Jul-08 As thunderstorms moved through West Tennessee on Saturday night, a lightning strike caused a fire in an area church.
  8. Lightning destroys Florence church 10-Jul-08
  9. Lightning likely cause of church fire 28-Jun-08 Lightning from a brief but intense thunderstorm appears to have been the cause of a fire that heavily damaged the 126-year-old St. Edwards Catholic Church in Fairfield on Friday afternoon.
  10. Lightning Causes Damage In Central Fla. 25-Jun-08 The OCFD also reported a lightning strike at the Aloma Baptist Church in Winter Park.
  11. St. George's Church Damaged by Lightning Strike, Fire 6/21/2008 Apparently lighting struck the building near a gas line, causing the blaze which left extensive damage.
  12. Lightning Blamed For Church Blaze 19-Jun-08 ccording to the Gorin Fire Department, a lightning strike is believed to have sparked a blaze that destroyed the Harmony Grove Baptist Church in rural Scotland County.
  13. Altus church total loss after lightning strike 19-Jun-08 A bolt of lightning set an Altus church on fire Wednesday night, and a firefighter was injured battling it.
  14. Tuesday's Storms Hit Hawkins Church 6/18/2008 And in one case, a lightning strike literally brought down part a of a church roof, while people were inside the church.
  15. Out of the ashes 16-Jun-08 The Caernarvon Township church sustained about $1 million damage during an early Sunday morning fire, possibly caused by a lightning strike.
  16. Bolt from blue 'moves' churchgoers 10-Jun-08 The lightning bolt badly damaged Lower Hutt Baptist Church, striking the spire, blowing two holes in the roof and destroying wiring and electrical equipment.
  17. Witnesses: Lightning Causes Church Fire 9-Jun-08 Witnesses say lightning hit a church steeple, causing a fire that gutted the building.
  18. Lightning likely caused fire at Genesee Depot church 1-Jun-08 "The roof basically fell into the church," he said.
  19. Lightning Strikes Sunday School Building 1-Jun-08 The Hope House, a building in the 700 block of Lincoln Avenue that a nearby church uses for Sunday school, suffered heavy damage.
  20. Agents Find Cause Of Fire That Destroyed 116-Year-Old E. TX Church 29-May-08 Friday, KSLA News 12 has learned that agents have confirmed the blaze was caused by lightning.
  21. Church hit by bolt from above 27-May-08 A lightning bolt blasted the bell tower at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church yesterday, hurling stone chunks as big as human heads across the lawns and nearby cars.
  22. Fire destroys steeple of Mount Vernon church 26-May-08
  23. Video Report - Lightning strikes Liberty Chapel Church in Mount Carmel 5/18/2008 The Liberty Chapel Church on Cherry Street in Mount Carmel was struck by lightning Sunday evening.
  24. Lightning Strikes Church, Starts Fire 15-May-08 A Butler County church is destroyed after lightning strikes the builiding Tuesday night.
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