If someone says something like, "Well, I know God exists."

And someone else answers with, "Well, that’s your opinion."

- What's wrong with discussions like that? -

No. There is no such “opinion” that God does not exist. It is incorrect to think of a fact of the matter as a something that a person can have an opinion about. Gold is more dense than air – in my opinion. No. Gold is either denser or not denser than air – regardless of what you think of it.

But people can have different beliefs about…

YES. But those are beliefs, not opinions either. A person can have a “belief” about a fom – I’ve just created a new word for “fact of the matter” we’re calling it a fom from now on, because it’s ridiculous that people can’t keep these ideas straight.

Well, a belief or an opinion, it doesn’t matter which it’s called.

It does. An opinion cannot be wrong. “I think blue looks better on you than green.” That statement is an opinion. The only way it would be wrong is if the person talking is not reporting his or her thoughts accurately.

A belief can very easily be wrong. I believe that cars can’t hurt me. Ok, great, that’s a fom, and we can test it in this street over here…

You know what, I don’t want a word for fact of the matter, I want a word for the specific mistake that people make when they call a fom an opinion.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, when someone says, “I believe in God.” And someone else says, “well, that’s your opinion” you can say, Fuck that – you’re calling a belief an opinion. c-calling a-a b-belief a-an o-opinion…. cabao, or perhaps a you’re calling a fact of the matter an opinion – cafotmao or calling a belief about a fom an opinion – cabafomao.

There, I've just invented like 5 words. I wonder when I'll get my entry in the Oxford Dictionary.

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