Online Debates

I have been engaging in religious debates and conversations for years now. And I have an extensive amount information and writing that I've done; except that it wasn't organized in a way that was searchable and easily pointed to in a short amount of time.

When I'd say something like 36% of British Muslims aged 16-24 polled in 2007 said that they advocated the death penalty when a Muslim changes religion, and that this is a major problem — I'd be challenged (and rightly so), to come up with not only the news article that reported on it, but the poll and question itself. So I've started doing that, to help facilitate the process. (That info can be found here, by the way.)

"religion remains the only mode of discourse that encourages grown men and women to pretend to know things they manifestly do not, and cannot, know. If ever there were an attitude at odds with science, this is it." — Sam Harris

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